10-12-2009 Infectious diseases & migration reports ECDC

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has opened a series of reports on the health of migrants. The background note “ECDC Report on migration and infectious diseases in the EU” provides a summary of issues...

11-10-2009 HIV, all at sea

The Global Partnership on HIV and Mobile Workers in the Maritime Sector was launched at the end of April. The partnership brings together eight organisations including the UN, NGOs, trades unions and employers. Although HIV has...

11-10-2009 HIV-related travel restrictions

In our last issue, we reported on the work of the UNAIDS International Task Team on HIV-related Travel Restrictions. In December 2008, the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board met to consider the Task Team’s recommendations. These...

21-09-2009 News round-up

HIV at sea and a report from the recent COST network meeting in Cyprus.

21-09-2009 Research round-up

A brief overview of recently published research on issues around HIV and migration in Europe. Links to abstracts or full text are provided where possible. Please contact us if you have research items you’d like to see included...

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