Project overview

The main aim of AIDS & Mobility Europe is to reduce HIV vulnerability of migrant
and mobile populations in Europe
, through the development, implementation and
promotion of appropriate policies and measures within a European wide network of
experts. Mobility stands for migration in all its diversity: from travellers and
immigrant communities to asylum seekers and refugees. For the purpose of the project, the definition of migrant is based on language barriers in access to health
services as a result of belonging to a population minority (mostly ethnic group)

The project will particularly target young migrants (16-25 years old) because of their
high degree of vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), their
high capacity to adapt to change and their roles in informing their social
environment (e.g. parents with lower education).

AIDS & Mobility Europe aims:
1) to develop an innovative health education model for migrants and ethnic minorities
2) to implement structured transcultural mediator training and to conduct educational group     sessions on HIV/AIDS
3) to strengthen the existing network structures of HIV prevention among migrants
4) to evaluate performance and outcomes
5) to disseminate the results and communicate them widely
6) to design adequate strategies to assure continuity of the approach
7) to influence European and national policy making

The project objectives will be achieved through a set of learning activities carried out on
national and regional levels, with pan-European methodologies and guidance.
The combination of community based research and advocacy will be based on the
principles of migrant participation and empowerment.

A set of measures will be targeted at relevant stakeholders:
• Young Migrants
• Mediators
• Migrants’, AIDS and other health service organisations
• Health promotion: health insurance agencies, thematic networks, political decision makers