Young Social, Entrepreneur 2010 - Call for Nominations

a&m is looking for young candidates to be honoured for their active and significant contribution in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We want to promote health promotion particularly among migrants and their descendents.

Candidates should be young activists or persons who began their intervention at a young age (16-25 years old). a&m is keen to identify innovative ideas turned into practice, new approaches in the fight against HIV/AIDS, people involved in the creation and establishment of civil society organizations.

EU-Level Consultation on Migration Health - "Better Health for All"

The EU-Level Consultation on Migration Health “Better Health for All” took place on September 24-25 in Lisbon. The conference was organised within the framework of the AMAC project “Assisting Migrants and Communities: Analysis of Social Determinants for Health and Health Inequalities”. The Participants from different European organisations active in the field and high representatives from the Portuguese and other European government as well as different inter-governmental agencies discussed priorities for migrants' health in Europe.

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