HIV-related travel restrictions

In our last issue, we reported on the work of the UNAIDS International Task Team on HIV-related Travel Restrictions. In December 2008, the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board met to consider the Task Team’s recommendations. These included asking countries to regularly report on any HIV-related travel restrictions in their UNGASS submissions and recommending that UNAIDS work with the WHO to expand guidance on public health and the health economics of travel restrictions. The UNAIDS Board voted to approve all of the Task Team recommendations and will now begin work to implement them. This adds to the voices calling for an end to HIV-related travel restrictions worldwide.

US Entry Ban
0With the new administration settling in, change may be around the corner. No timetable has yet been set, but campaigners in the US and overseas are hopeful that President Obama’s team will move forward with changing the entry regulations soon.

World Migration Report 2008
In December 2008, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) launched the World Migration Report. This year’s report focuses on economic migration and includes independent studies by specialist researchers as well as taking a more detailed look at policy development. The report presents regional overviews, case studies of the experiences of individual migrants and includes a look at migrant health.
You can access the full report here.

European Parliament makes HIV resolution
On the 20th November 2008, MEPs passed a resolution on “HIV/AIDS: early diagnosis and early care”. MEPs asked member states to work on tackling HIV-related discrimination, including restrictions on freedom of movement and also called for a renewed focus on prevention, testing and treatment. The European Council and Commission were asked to work together on promoting earlier diagnosis and the benefits of early HIV care.
The resolution was adopted with 480 votes in favour, four against and 10 abstentions.

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