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Issue 12 - July 2011

6th AIDS & Mobility Capacity Building Meeting held in Hanover - Data Analysis and Evaluation - More Mediator Stories - The A&M Policy Recommendations – Sustainability - Quality Improvement with a focus on HIV prevention practice - Further Reading - Upcoming Conferences and Events

Issue 11 - May 2011

Master Toolkit Advisory Board - A&M surpasses target: 2803 young migrants reached - Substandard HIV care for some immigration detainees in the UK - European Parliament resolution calls for vulnerable groups to have access to healthcare - EMIS: The European MSM Internet survey (EMIS) - Data from EMIS show wide variation in quality of sexual health screening across Europe: countries with specialised clinics do better

Issue 10 - February 2011

a&m priorities for the last 6 months of the current project - “With Migrants for Migrants: Improving HIV Prevention for All”: a&m policy hearing at the European Parliament - UNAIDS and IOM agreement on HIV Services for Migrants - Master Toolkit Advisory Board - In the spotlight: HIV testing – know, treat, prevent - Latest ECDC Surveillance Report on HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 2009 - A Goldmine of Information: The AIDS Action Europe Clearinghouse - a&m Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Ceremony in Hanover: Dynka Amorim

Issue 9 - November 2010

Who are the a&m transcultural mediators? - 12th meeting of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum - 5th a&m Capacity Building Meeting - Dublin Progress Report includes ‘Migrants’ - a&m Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year: Dynka Amorim - Prison Staff and Harm Reduction: New training materials available - New EMCDDA annual report 2010: the state of the drugs problem in Europe

Issue 8 - June 2010

IAC 2010 Vienna - a&m in action: Mediators talk about their training and work - HIV/AIDS and Migration in Europe (EU/EEA) 2006 - a&m Young Social Entrepreneur 2010 - a&m Literature Review Update: How you can help

Issue 7 - June 2010

a&m Mediator Training - Transcultural Health Mediator Training in London - a&m Policy Summit - QA and QI in HIV Prevention - Trade agreement between India and EU a risk for access to generic drugs - China lifts travel ban for people with HIV - Remembering an important Activist

Issue 6 - February 2010

a&m Capacity Building - a&m Networking Activities - US removes travel ban - Policies and Funding in the Baltic Sea Region - Patient Information key to more health in Europe

Issue 5 - November 2009

Young Social Entrepreneur 2010 - EU Level Consultation on Migration Health "Better Health for All" - Migration, Sexuality and Health - UNAIDS Epidemic Update

Issue 4 - September 2009

Three new reports on HIV/AIDS & migration in Europe - Dublin Declaration 2010 - Young migrants are key to prevention 

Issue 3 - June 2009

Migrants’ training on substance misuse - News round-up - Research round-up - Interview with Ramazan Salman

Issue 2 - February 2009

Criminalising HIV transmission in Europe - News round-up - Research round-up - Spotlight on Denmark

Issue 1_Turkish - November 2008


Issue 1 - November 2008

How did we get here? - Plans for the future - Introducing our partners - News round-up








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