A&M guidebook in 16 languages

HIV-prevention is important for everyone. Even if you don’t intend to have sex or use drugs: ‘Knowledge is Power’ and you may one day teach someone else. This guidebook provides information about HIV and AIDS, its prevention, testing, treatment, care and support. It also contains information about viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmissible infections (STIs). All of these illnesses are caused by infections. An infection means that a very small organism, most of the time a virus or a bacterium, enters the body and causes changes that make the person ill. Different infectious organisms affect different parts of the body. This can be a particular organ, for example the liver in the case of hepatitis, or a particular system, like the immune system in the case of HIV. HIV, hepatitis and STIs spread from person to person. Some human behaviours, such as sex and injecting drugs, make it easier for these viruses or bacteria to enter the body.

  • To protect your health:
  • If you have sex, practice safe sex
  • If you use drugs, practice safe use
  • Get vaccinations against hepatitis A and B
  • Have regular sexual health checks, including an HIV test
  • Get tested for TB if you think you may have been at risk                      

This book explains why and how.

It has been written to assist people from from many cultural and language backgrounds, especially young people and their families, to better protect themselves. It also aims to take away fear, to enable dialogue and to help in fighting stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV, AIDS or hepatitis. The AIDS & Mobility Europe project brings together people from many languages and cultures. The content of this book reflects experiencesfrom many countries. It was produced for participants in AIDS & Mobility community education sessions on HIV, conducted by trained and certified transcultural HIV and AIDS mediators.

It is provided to you for free. We hope you will find it useful. In the following you find the A&M guidebook in 16 languages in pdf format:

  A&M Guidebook Albanian

  A&M Guidebook Arabic

  A&M Guidebook Danish

  A&M Guidebook English

  A&M Guidebook French

  A&M Guidebook German

  A&M Guidebook Italian

  A&M Guidebook Kurmanci

  A&M Guidebook Persian

A&M Guidebook Portuguese

  A&M Guidebook Romanian

  A&M Guidebook Russian

  A&M Guidebook Somali

  A&M Guidebook Spanish

  A&M Guidebook Turkish

  A&M Guidebook Urdu

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